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The Gears Are Here! 

Stang Boy Customs is now producing replacement N64 controller gears! These are manufactured using state-of-the-art printing technology and are lighter and more durable than previous iterations. These gears will be in short supply for the time being, and are only available at our new Stang Boy Store, which means...


The Store Is Open!

Our new storefront is currently accepting orders and pre-orders for our new N64 controller gears, custom N64 controllers, and select Game Boy systems. Our Etsy shop will remain open for the forseeable future as we continue to phase out the old store. 


Link to buy V1b1 - click here

Pre-Order V1b2 - click here


Thank you for all the support over the last several years - we can't wait to get our products into your hands - or controllers! Game on!