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Our n64 Gears are a hit!

We've gotten a lot of great feedback about our N64 joystick gears, and we are almost sold out of our second batch! Reports are that these gears feel smoother during gameplay and are easier to install than other options out there. No sanding, no cutting, no excess plastic. Just drop in and play! 


Check out our new Store!

Our new storefront is currently accepting orders for our new N64 controller gears, custom N64 controllers, and select Game Boy systems. Our Etsy shop will remain open for the forseeable future as we continue to phase out the old store. 


Link to buy V1b2 - click here




Check Out our Youtube Page!

We've uploaded a few tests of our new gears in action, showing the maximum range of all directions. Visit our channel to see how it compares to the original Nintendo gears!


Stang Boy Customs has learned that Etsy has started charging sellers exorbitant "shipping transaction" fees when items include a fixed shipping price. Now, all of our listings on Etsy will have free shipping.


This has been a pain to deal with for the last few years, as USPS has continued to raise shipping prices. When we started out, shipping a Game Boy or controller using Priority Mail was $6.25. It is now $8.25 for a controller. We kept ourselves honest and only charged what we were spending. Once it surpassed $7.50, we kept the price there so our customers weren't put off by the hike. Now, Etsy is charging us to use the "feature" of printing out labels. There's been a lot of push back from the Etsy community, but the incentive to offer free shipping means our products will be prioritized over those who still charge for shipping. It's a nice gesture, but it comes at a cost...


So, what does all this mean? Well, today we adjusted our Etsy prices to reflect what we think our products are worth when shipping and handling are factored in to the main price. While it may seem our prices on Etsy have gone up, we have actually lowered the prices of our systems and controllers between $2 and $10 each. While we are still planning on compltely phasing out our Etsy store in the near future, many new customers continue to find us through their search queries and Etsy remains our only outlet for reaching international customers. We will be addressing these issues in the coming days and weeks and making sure our prices on the new storefront match those on Etsy.


Thanks for understanding and we apologize for the confusion. We appreciate your business, feedback, and your confidence in us!   



Small Business SaTurday Sale!

Use the code STANGBOYWEB10 on Etsy and STANGBOY10 at our new store to take 10% off your order! Start your shopping early and get the gamer in your life a custom console or controller!