Stang Boy Customs offers a variety of different mods for numerous consoles, controllers, and handhelds. 


Customized N64 Controllers

Our N64 controllers are one of a kind and have been repaired, refurbished and customized to your specifications! 

  • Custom length cord with a paracord wrap - choose from a wide selection of colors!
  • Refurbished joystick gearbox with custom parts crafted by Stang Boy Customs.
  • Alternate "Gamecube style" joystick installation. 
  • Custom paint jobs and BLACKOUT style buttons (optional)


Backlit Game BOys

These systems are made using the original Game Boy motherboards and upgraded with backlit panels or all-new screens. No more external worm lights!

Now every game looks crisp and clean. 

  • Optional new shell installation
  • Custom buttons
  • Glass screen shield
  • Brightness switches
  • Various audio mods
  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery


Console refurbishment

Dust off those old consoles and get them back into playing shape! Stang Boy Customs can repair most minor problems with various consoles, as well as give it a facelift! 

  • Repair & replace broken components
  • Screen repair
  • Custom paint jobs