Our Game Boy Color systems have a frontlight panel that is bonded to the screen with LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive). This provides an even distribution of light and a very clear picture - great for playing in the dark! 

Game Boy Color Frontlight Mod

The original with a twist! Our DMG systems have been updated with a LED backlight and a bivert chip for added clarity. No more worm lights! No more magnifying glasses! No more trying to find the best angle under a lamp! With our backlights, you'll be able to catch all the action no matter the setting!

DMG-01 Backlight/Bivert Mod

AGS 101 Backlight Mod

These systems are made using the original GBA motherboard and upgraded with backlit screens similar to the ones found in the GBA SP. We also add a glass screen shield to better prevent scratches and to give the system a premium look and feel. We also offer the option of a backlight switch located in the battery compartment to switch between low and high brightness levels, similar to the GBA SP. 

Whether you need a new joystick, a tear-proof cord, or just want to light up your old friend, we've got you covered to make sure your 64 controller works for years to come! We offer all sorts of mods for these controllers so we can get them back in the hands of gamers! Check out our Etsy store for more details!

n64 Controller repair/refurbishment

Are you a fan of LSDJ? Like making your own chiptunes? Or do you just want to pump your favorite Game Boy soundtrack through your surround sound? With the RCA and Prosound mods, you can be sure you'll get the best stereo sound out of your Game Boy. Available for Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

Pro-Sound Mods

Budget Boys

Budget Boys are made from various, Nintendo-sourced spare parts and are re-shelled to give you a system that looks like new for a fraction of the cost! Our Budget Boy SP's lack the frontlight, but they look, feel, and play just like a regular Game Boy. These are perfect systems for those people who want to play games, not just keep them on a shelf.

No more AA batteries! We've placed a micro-USB board connected to a 2000mAh battery and fit it comfortably inside our DMG systems! Some systems in our shop already feature this mod, however any DMG we sell can be upgraded with a rechargeable battery. Just ask! 

Micro usb rechargeable battery mod

Dust off those old consoles and get them back into playing shape! Or, trade in your non-working system for a refurbished one fresh off the shelf! 

Console Refurbishment