Console Care



Do not use the AC adapter port on the bottom of the Game Boy , Game Boy Pocket, or Game Boy Color handhelds. This may adversely affect the frontlight panel LED's and burn out the fuses. Stang Boy Customs recommends using rechargeable batteries for all systems 1900mAH and higher. Standard alkaline batteries may not provide enough lasting power for a lengthy gaming experience. Please do not use dollar store batteries or batteries removed from another electronic device. 



Store your handheld in a cool/dry place, away from heat, excessive light, and moisture. The LOCA method of installing the frontlight is imperfect, as the adhesive dries as a gel, not a solid. If the system is exposed to heat, excessive light, or moisture, a "spidering" effect may show up on the screen, indicating the glass has separated from the frontlight and more air has forced itself into the adhesive, which looks like a spiderweb.



The cords of these controllers, while stronger than the originals, should not be pulled or yanked in order to remove the cord from the system. This can still damage the connection from the wire to the pins inside the controller port and the connection to the motherboard. Firmly grab the controller port and pull to remove. Cords should be wound around themselves, bullwhip style, and secured with the included cable tie. Do not pinch or aggressively bend the cables. Do not wrap the cables around the controller itself. 


N64 Gears

Our N64 gears are mass produced and, like most plastics, will occassionally have residual plastic, called "flashing" in between the gear teeth. This is normal and may be removed with a toothpick or shim.