We occasionally get messages from customers that their systems do not work after trying it with batteries. Before any order is shipped out, Stang Boy Customs puts each system through an extensive test for playability. This includes ensuring that the systems turn on with fresh batteries inside the battery compartment. Not all batteries are created equal, and some may feel "loose" while inside the compartment.


Batteries need to be snug inside the system, so we recommend "log rolling" them in the battery compartment with the switch turned to ON and see if the system will power up. Sometimes it may be necessary to put a piece of adhesive foam inside the door of the battery compartment so they don't slide around. Additionally, sometimes the nub on the positive end is shorter and won't make a solid connection with the contact.


Furthermore, batteries out of another electronic device will sometimes not cut it - we're adding extra components that need power in an old device. Using fully recharged or fresh alkaline batteries are the way to go. Please do not use dollar store batteries or batteries removed from another electronic device. Please attempt these troubleshooting tips before contacting us. 


Do not use the AC adapter port on the bottom of the Game Boy Colors (1). This may adversely affect the frontlight panel LED's and burn out the fuses. Stang Boy Customs recommends using rechargeable batteries for all systems 1900mAH and higher. Standard alkaline batteries may not provide enough lasting power for a lengthy gaming experience. Please do not use dollar store batteries or batteries removed from another electronic device. 


Store your handheld in a cool/dry place, away from heat, excessive light, and moisture. The LOCA method of installing the frontlight is imperfect, as the adhesive dries as a gel, not a solid. If the system is exposed to heat, excessive light, or moisture, a "spidering" effect may show up on the screen, indicating the glass has separated from the frontlight and more air has forced itself into the adhesive, which looks like a spiderweb.

Game boy Color

The cords of these controllers, while stronger than the originals, should not be pulled or yanked in order to remove the cord from the system. This can still damage the connection from the wire to the pins inside the controller port and the connection to the motherboard. Firmly grab the controller port and pull to remove. Cords should be wound around themselves, bullwhip style, and secured with the included cable tie. Do not pinch or aggressively bend the cables.

Paracord n64 Controllers

Stang Boy Customs does not and will not send out a system that does not meet the highest specifications. However, even with the care we take to package our items before shipment, things can go wrong, and items get damaged in transit. This can range from a loose or broken electrical connection,  dead pixels, broken screens, etc.


Any damage the system incurs after shipping is due to mishandling by the mail carrier, improper storage, or misuse. Due to a limited, finite supply of Game Boy parts, Stang Boy customs cannot replace or refund customers for these issues any longer. However, we can offer partial credit towards a new system or work out a repair of the original system. If you would like your system repaired, you must first file a claim with your mail carrier, arrange shipment with Stang Boy Customs, and agree to cover the cost of repairs and parts. Stang Boy Customs provides USPS Priority Mail shipping insurance on all items. Once your claim is cleared, we can work out the repair. Please feel free to use our pictures on our listings when submitting your claims. 

Damaged Item upon Arrival?